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Powering the Seamless Exchange of Second-Party Data

Syndicate is Lotame's private second-party data marketplace, connecting premium publishers directly with brands, agencies and other participating data buyers.

Data sellers can now monetize their valuable data with complete transparency, while still being able to maintain control over pricing and other commercial terms. Learn more about the data sellers who are currently participating in the Syndicate Marketplace.

Buy 2nd Party Data

Key Benefits
Extend Audiences

Scale audiences with access high-quality 2nd-party data not available in the open market

New Revenue Stream

Monetize your data without selling your data on the open marketplace

Total Transparency

No more questions about the source of data being bought and sold

Maintain Control

Sellers determine what data is shared, for how long, and at what price

Build New Relationships

Expand your network by working directly with other companies to buy & sell second-party data

Unparalleled Service

Self-service automation offers immediate access for data transactions, while Lotame handles the billing

What is 2nd-party data?

Second-party data is someone else’s first party data that you can access directly from that source. There is no data aggregator or other “middleman” in the exchange of second-party data. Through a direct relationship with the owner of the first-party data, you are able to define exactly what data is being bought or sold, the price of the data, and any other commercial terms you may require.

Which companies are selling or buying data through Syndicate?

There are currently dozens of companies buying and selling second-party data through Lotame Syndicate. Check out the Syndicate Marketplace to see a sample of the current participants.

Why should I choose 2nd party data?

Second-Party data allows marketers to have the ball in their court, to choose the data sources they feel are most relevant to their campaign optimization, filtering out all the unnecessary data. By cutting out the middleman, marketers can form a direct relationship with the best source of high-quality data. What second-party data may lack in scale, it makes up for with precision, and sometimes, that precision can go very far. Rather than buying a third-party data segment of “moms” from a data aggregator, you can go directly to the publisher of a parents’ magazine to negotiate a deal with them. 2nd party data exchanges offer both the buyer and seller transparency and control over the transaction.

What is the difference between Syndicate:DMP and Syndicate:Direct?

Lotame Syndicate comes in two “flavors”, offering two ways to access and activate your second-party data. Syndicate:DMP refers to the exchange of second-party data between two Lotame DMP clients, and happens directly inside the DMP. Syndicate:Direct allows the user to send their second-party data directly to a DSP for activation and targeting.

How can I learn more?

We'd love to tell you more about Syndicate and the power of 2nd-party data! Check out the
Syndicate Marketplace to see a sample of the current participants. Or contact us at syndicate@lotame.com to set up a time to talk!

Real Results
Case Study
Goby Increases CTR 90% with Second-Party Data
February 3, 2018

Goby is changing the way retailers, brands and marketers view and access data, by combining the power of search-based intent data with display advertising. They are paving the way to success with data-driven advertising, with the help of high-quality, niche second-party data sources.

Working with Syndicate, Lotame's second-party data marketplace, Goby was able to increase CTR for their campaigns 90%.