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Data Empowered

Data provides a competitive advantage for digital marketers. We believe every company should be able to innovate and grow using data — whether they have it natively or need it. Get Data Empowered with Lotame, the be-all, end-all in data collaboration.

Meet Lotame

Lotame is a technology company that makes data smarter, faster, and easier to use for digital marketers. Our end-to-end data collaboration platform Spherical empowers thousands of marketers, agencies, and media owners to onboard, access, analyze, and activate the data they need to understand and engage consumers. Our proven commitment to industry interoperability, connectivity, and privacy help drive successful business outcomes for companies on their terms.

Lotame is headquartered in the United States and serves global clients in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.

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Core Value: Honest

No two businesses are alike, nor are their goals. That’s why Lotame provides agnostic, interoperable solutions so clients get what they actually need and want. We take a consultative approach to understand and solve for your data connectivity and addressability challenges. Say goodbye to bloated products or forced, unnecessary services. Our data collaboration solutions help clients innovate and grow using data — whether they have it or need it.

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Core Value: Relationship-Driven

Relationships are our highest priority. A one-size-fits-all approach contradicts our values. We put in the time to understand what our clients value. We ground our recommendations in deep data and tech expertise and collected intelligence across the ecosystem. Our client service stands out for attacking challenges head-on, fulfilling its promises, and collaborating to deliver data solutions that address your problems and support your needs.

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Core Value: Innovative

Making your business (and work life) better, not harder, is our priority. Lotame’s unique combination of data, technology and identity, plus extensive ecosystem integrations, means our clients can preserve data connectivity, accessibility and addressability no matter what. Our Partner Connections include all major activation platforms, including identity solutions, ad servers, BI tools, DSPs, SSPs, CDPs etc. We also provide direct and unfettered access to our core API and billions of raw data points, so you can send your data wherever you like to make it even more useful for your team.

Core Value: Collaborative

Guided by our legacy, we facilitate greater collaboration and partnership using our global reach and local service, industry-wide relationships, and data collaboration solutions underpinned by analytics and identity. Clients benefit from a scale and quality of data unmatched in the industry, with on-the-ground expertise for consultation and guidance.

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