Data. It's Changing Everything.

Fuel your data strategy with Lotame's data management platform and leading data exchange.

Data should influence everything you do – from the products and content you create, to the way you shape and execute your go-to-market strategy. Lotame’s data management platform makes this vision a reality, and is used by marketers, agencies and publishers around the world to make audience data meaningful and actionable. Our global data exchange provides you with instant access to billions of global data points across screens, devices, and industries. No matter what your data challenge, Lotame has the solution you need.


Our Platform: Taking the BIG Out of Data.

Since 2006, Lotame has been designing technology that distills disparate data points into their purest form: nuggets of insight that can be used to underpin product, marketing and business decisions. This technology is packaged in a powerful but easy to use SaaS platform, which continually evolves to meet changing market needs.


Our Approach: People-First Partnerships

The data landscape is in a constant state of flux. New devices offer rich new streams of data to leverage, and emerging technology creates exciting opportunities for data activation. Staying ahead of this evolution needs more than just technology – it requires people who are passionate about data and its potential for business transformation.


Our Data Exchange: The World's Data at Your Fingertips

Lotame operates one of the world’s largest third-party data networks, which you can use to underpin your marketing and monetization strategies. We also have relationships with every major third-party data provider giving you instant access to a deep pool of highly granular audience segments.