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From Big Data to Big ROI

Lotame’s data management platform (DMP) allows you to collect, organize, and activate your data from any source to gain a holistic view of your consumers, in order to power efficient and effective marketing campaigns and more relevant content. Our global Lotame Data Exchange (LDX) provides you with instant access to billions of third-party data points.
Make More of Your Data Actionable
Aggregate audience data from any source - online, offline, mobile, social, search, OTT and beyond - and activate it across screens.
Learn About Your Most Valuable Customers
Combine your data with insights from Lotame's global data exchange for deeper insights about your consumers.
Improve ROI by Targeting the Right Audience
Improve campaign performance by targeting your campaigns to the audience most likely to respond.
Increase Relevance Across Screens
Reach your audience on the right screen at the right time for increased engagement and campaign performance.
Maximizing The Value Of Data

As the leading independent DMP, we are are hyper focused on helping each of our unique clients leverage the power of data. With that in mind, Lotame offers a suite of customized solutions and a dedicated client success team to solve any data challenge, regardless of how simple or complex.

Data Management Platform
Collect Anywhere. Use Everywhere.
Collect, organize, analyze, and activate your data from any source with Lotame’s award-winning DMP.
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Data Exchange
The World's Data at Your Fingertips
Access billions of mobile and online third-party data points around the world to make your audience segments even more targeted and effective.
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Bridging the Gap Between Screens
Collect and connect data from all the devices your target consumers use to reach them in the right place, at the right time!
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Audience Optimizer
Audience Optimizer
Evolve your Perfect Audience into Perfect Audiences
Create powerful look-alike and act-alike models to extend your most valuable audiences and increase the efficiency of your campaigns.
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Powering the Seamless Exchange of Second-Party Data
Exchange second-party data seamlessly and transparently, from within Lotame's DMP or across leading DSPs.
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Bringing Offline Data Online
Combine offline and CRM data with other data sources for a holistic view of your consumers.
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Data Stream
Powering the People Data Needs of Global Business
Access Lotame's raw data firehose to fuel enterprise-level applications and solutions for deeper, more valuable insights into target consumers.
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Bringing Digital Intelligence to Television
Plan and measure TV ad campaigns using rich, behavioral digital and viewership data. Understand your TV audience beyond age and gender, and how certain TV buys affect purchases.
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Tailored For Your Business

Lotame's DMP was built to deliver measurable value for marketers, agencies and publishers. This value is unlocked through a powerful set of interlinked solutions that enable you to maximize effectiveness at every stage of your data strategy.

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