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Data Marketplace Sellers

Sell your high-quality addressable audiences to digital marketers and agencies around the world. Increase revenue opportunities with data enrichment and data collaboration, and access built-in demand for your valuable first-party data.

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Sell Data-Driven Audiences Everywhere

Monetize all your inventory across browsers, devices, and platforms, including social and CTV. Powered by Panorama Identity, Lotame’s data solutions provide data sellers with the right tech and collaboration tools to capture more digital marketer and agency dollars in direct and programmatic channels.


Onboard and centralize offline and online data — both known and unknown — associated to all devices, browsers, and platforms into a single ID. 

Build and package addressable audiences using data from all available sources.

Drive campaign performance with efficient and scalable Lotame Data Exchange prepackaged audiences available in your DSP today.

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Tell a richer story about your audience profiles to drive sales and interest in your data.


Easily make your packaged audiences available to buy through the Lotame Data Exchange or other marketplaces. 

Permission audiences directly to marketers and agencies via data collaboration tools.

Power your individual data science needs with a raw behavioral data stream from billions of consumer profiles.

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What Sellers Care About

Leverage built-in demand to increase revenue for valuable audiences
Build direct second-party relationships with digital marketers and agencies — with no tech lift
Create addressable audiences using any / all available sources
Control syndication and extension of your audience segments across browsers and devices to select partners