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A New Chapter in Data Collaboration: A Message from Lotame CEO Andy Monfried

It’s finally happening. The (third-party) cookie is crumbling around us. As the digital marketing landscape faces a(nother) seismic shift, Lotame remains at the forefront of innovation to ensure digital marketers stay a step ahead. In a world moving beyond third-party cookies, our focus isn’t just on adapting to change — it’s about leading it. We’re doubling down on our strengths in data collaboration, first-party data enrichment, analysis, and activation to empower marketers navigating a host of challenges. This data enablement focus — or in our words “Data Empowered” — has always been and will continue to be Lotame’s North Star. 

The following announcements are just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Lotame product innovation. Read on to learn exactly how we’re tapping into a Data Empowered future. We also invite you to tune in on February 21 for a special webinar featuring Advance Local and RE/MAX as they share their success stories with data collaboration. 

I hope you join Lotame in this transformative era of data collaboration. 

– Andy Monfried, Founder & CEO, Lotame


Redefining Data Collaboration

The data collaboration category, until now, has been dominated by costly and complex clean-room solutions. Lotame’s data collaboration platform Spherical arms digital marketers with everything they need to be successful, enabling them in an accessible, effective and efficient way:  

Our end-to-end data collaboration platform is designed to address the critical needs of data connectivity, enablement and addressability in a world without cookies. Spherical aligns with Lotame’s core vision: to democratize the competitive advantage of data by making it smarter, faster, and easier to use for digital marketers.

Introducing Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding 

Two groundbreaking features, Lotame Collaborate and Lotame Onboarding (in the U.S.), have been added to the Spherical platform. Lotame Collaborate enables digital marketers to collaborate with another brand, publisher or data partner of their choice to permission data within Spherical for analysis, audience creation and enrichment, and importantly activation. Think of this as an easier, faster, less resource-intensive clean-room capability.

Meanwhile, Lotame Onboarding addresses the challenge of matching first-party data, such as email addresses, with digital identifiers. This feature enhances the potential of first-party data, making it more actionable and insightful for marketers. It’s a crucial step in ensuring addressability and scale, particularly with the integration of email data into Lotame’s identity graph. 

By simplifying complex processes and offering innovative solutions, we are fulfilling our mission to empower digital marketers with smarter, faster, and easier ways to harness the power of data and drive results.

Enhanced Connectivity and Addressability

Lotame continues to make substantial strides in preserving addressability and scale. By integrating emails into our identity graph, rolling out our UID2 integration with The Trade Desk, and officially embracing the data collaboration category, we are better poised than ever to offer digital marketers the ability to unite, analyze and active data for innovation and growth. It’s not just about amassing as much first-party data as possible; it’s about empowering digital marketers with the tools they need to innovate and grow in a challenging, dynamic digital landscape.

Read the press release here and contact us today to get started with Lotame’s Data Empowered solutions.