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Audience Management

Connect, enrich, analyze, and activate first-party audiences across all browsers, devices, and platforms. Powered by our identity platform, our Audience Management solution empowers you to extract the greatest value from your data to build a panoramic, privacy-safe, actionable view of consumers across all screens.

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Control Your Data the Way You Want

Grow your business with our next-generation solution. Flexible tools and customized add-ons help you build the right mix for your data targeting, analytics, and monetization needs.


Onboard and centralize offline and online data associated to all devices, browsers, and platforms into a single ID. 

Build addressable audiences by applying recency, frequency, and boolean logic across various datasets.


Create more targeted campaigns at scale with Lotame’s machine learning and predictive modeling capabilities.

Expand your audiences with our robust and trusted data marketplace for buyers and sellers.


Build a panoramic view of your known and unknown consumers.

Discover new insights to inform addressable campaigns, revenue opportunities, and persona development.


Reach and target audiences across browsers, devices, and platforms – no third-party cookies required. 

Syndicate across Lotame’s extensive omnichannel integration partners into connected CMS, dynamic creative optimization, social, and analytics and measurement platforms.

What Clients Care About

Clients cite our leading-edge tech, global reach, and award-winning service. With so much to gain, discover the benefits of our Audience Management solution for your business.

Increase monetization opportunities across all screens

New Audiences

Find and nurture new audiences

See a panoramic view of customers and prospects

Enrich personas with real-time insights

Activate addressable audiences across browsers, devices, and platforms, including CTV

Solutions as Unique as Your Needs