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Marketers & Agencies

Drive the most value from data — whether you have it or need it — for future-ready customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

marketers and agencies

Future Proof Your Business for a Cookieless World

Lotame’s data collaboration solutions preserve addressability across every stage in the funnel and in all environments with connections to valuable data, insights, and activation. Plus, Lotame’s robust integrations with all major DSPs, SSPs, CDPs and marketing platforms offer myriad ways to collaborate, build audiences, and activate that data across madtech applications.

Data Collaboration

Drive innovation and growth from known and unknown first-party data in smarter, faster, and easier ways with our data collaboration platform Spherical. Collaborate across your organization and with partners of your choice for actionable customer intelligence, data informed audiences, and identity powered activation in a privacy-first world.

data collaboration platform

Data Marketplace

Easily buy off-the-shelf segments for planning, insights, or activation, including social and CTV. Build and activate custom audiences from direct, premium publishers and trusted third-party data suppliers within the Spherical platform via a raw data firehose or provisioned to your channel of choice.

trusted global data

Identity Spine

Broaden your customer view, extend data connectivity, and retain essential tools like cross-channel audience activation, optimization, and more with Panorama Identity.

identity spine

Marketer & Agency Benefits

Achieve a multidimensional view of users with holistic data resolution
Expand customer intelligence with built-in analytics
Drive audience growth with first-party data collaboration, enrichment, and modeling
Extend audiences to adtech platforms for personalization, acquisition, and retention