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Panorama Identity

Broaden your customer view and extend data connectivity with Panorama Identity. Powering Lotame’s data collaboration platform Spherical and Data Marketplace, Panorama Identity preserves and extends critical data connections and portability across domains and devices.

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The Data Collaboration Future

Panorama Identity empowers digital marketers and publishers to grow their businesses with accurate and scalable data. Our unique approach provides the scale and precision digital marketers need to reach consumers across the global open web, driving healthy competition and revenue for publishers of all sizes.

Panorama Graph

Find your customers and prospects around the world with our patented graphing technologies, a mix of deterministic and probabilistic links. Panorama Graph connects and unifies consumer digital touch points across emails, cookies, and device IDs to offer a single view of a user.

panorama graph

Lotame Panorama ID™

Reach more of your customers with our publisher-adopted, global pseudonymous identifier, Lotame Panorama ID. Our hybrid deterministic and probabilistic solution unlocks cookieless activation at scale.

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How Panorama Identity Supports a Thriving Ad Ecosystem

Preserves data connectivity used for personalized advertising across the global open web and beyond
Helps grow and maintain yields for publishers and fund a free, open ad-supported internet
Fuels brand and consumer connections across devices without reliance on cookies
Honors consumer privacy and choices for personalized ads