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Smash Your KPIs Make Every Media Dollar Count Learn How

Publishers & Media Companies

Achieve greater monetization opportunities across the widest variety of revenue streams.

publishers and media companies

Future Proof Your Business for a Cookieless World

Lotame’s data collaboration solutions enable publishers and media companies to drive the highest CPMs and yield across direct sold and programmatic channels in a privacy-first way. With our Spherical platform, connect with consumers across all browsers, screens, and platforms and activate at scale on all major adservers, SSPs, and platforms.

Data Collaboration

Drive revenue by unifying, modeling, collaborating, and enriching first-party audience data — including emails — from the cookieless web, mobile, CTV, or parters of your choice with our data collaboration platform Spherical.

data collaboration platform

Data Marketplace

Extend monetization by enriching audiences with trusted data. Tell a richer story about your audience profiles to drive sales and interest in your data.

trusted global data

Identity Spine

Increase yield by leveraging first-, second-, or third-party data on direct sold or programmatic campaigns with Panorama Identity.

identity spine

Publisher & Media Company Benefits

Unify and monetize valuable first-party audiences across domains and devices
Increase CPMs, yield, and monetization across cookie-restricted inventory
Drive more revenue across direct and programmatic channels
Generate more page views with content personalization