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Publishers & Media Companies

Achieve greater monetization opportunities across the widest variety of revenue streams.

Media Owners

Future Proof Your Business for a Cookieless World

Lotame’s data connectivity solutions enable publishers and media companies to drive the highest CPMs and yield across direct sold and programmatic channels in a privacy-first way. Our identity platform enables you to connect with consumers across all browsers, screens, and platforms and activate at scale on all major adservers, SSPs, and platforms.

Audience Management

Drive revenue by onboarding, connecting, and analyzing first-party audience data from the cookieless web, mobile, CTV, or offline sources.

Data Marketplace

Extend monetization by enriching audiences with second- or third-party data. And, tap into Lotame’s built-in demand via trusted data marketplaces where you can build privacy-safe, second-party relationships with agencies and brands.

Identity Resolution

Increase yield by leveraging first-, second-, or third-party data on direct sold or programmatic campaigns — while protecting consumer privacy with consent  management — with Lotame’s identity platform.

Publisher & Media Company Benefits

Unify and monetize valuable first-party audiences across domains and devices
Increase CPMs, yield, and monetization across cookie-restricted inventory
Drive more revenue across direct and programmatic channels
Generate more page views with content personalization