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Data Collaboration Drives Conversions among “Unknown” Luxury Auto Customers

Learn how one of the world’s most successful luxury automotive companies lowered advertising costs while increasing impressions and clicks using data collaboration. 

The Challenge 

One of the world’s most successful luxury automotive companies wanted to promote its service care packages as part of a global after-sales campaign. Targeting existing owners of its luxury car proved difficult, especially when making those audiences available to programmatic channels at scale. 

The Solution

The automaker turned to its agency OMD EMEA to find an accurate, efficient, and scalable way to engage its customers and drive conversions.

OMD EMEA reached out to its longstanding partner Lotame for assistance with an introduction to its client Haymarket Automotive, the global media and information group with market-leading flagship auto brands What Car? and Autocar. With its popular car news, reviews and opinion sites, Haymarket Automotive powers automotive consumer decision-making in the UK.

OMD was interested in using Haymarket Automotive’s expertise and first-party audiences across the global open web. This first for both parties would pave the way for a deeper relationship if proven successful at driving the luxury brand’s KPI of conversions. Lotame’s deep relationships and data collaboration expertise proved an extraordinary asset to both clients. In addition, Lotame could provide the technology to make this data relationship fast, easy, and efficient for both parties.

The Results

Haymarket Automotive delivers more than 10x the volume of impressions, clicks, and conversions compared to the control group — and, provides a 93% cost savings in CPL.

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