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Privacy Center

At Lotame, we take pride in being a leader when it comes to consumer privacy. We are at the forefront of the development and implementation of industry best practices with respect to the information and privacy management tools we make available to consumers.

Privacy Policies

Lotame is committed to consumer privacy. To learn more, please review:

Privacy Manager & Opt Out Tool

Lotame is committed to transparency and consumer choice. To opt-out of targeted advertising or to learn more, please visit our Privacy Manager.

Lotame and GDPR

Lotame’s GDPR-Readiness team has been working hard to ensure that Lotame meets its obligations, as both a controller and processor, under GDPR. Learn more about what we’ve done to prepare.


Lotame’s privacy team is actively involved in the leading consumer privacy organizations to stay ahead of the curve. Read more about the privacy organizations of which Lotame is a member.

Additional Resources

Looking for more information about privacy? We’ve compiled some additional privacy-related resources around the web that might be helpful. Check out these additional resources. For any additional inquiries about privacy or GDPR, please reach out to us at privacy@lotame.com.