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Grow your clients’ business — and your own — and ensure the sustainability of your technology.


Future Proof Your Business for a Cookieless World

Lotame’s data connectivity solutions support your supply or demand-side business from the ground up with flexible audience management, activation, or analytics. Our identity platform unites, enriches, and activates data globally and at scale. Increase targeting reach with our data marketplace and ensure addressability with an identity platform that translates data and audiences easily between clients and other platforms. 

Audience Management

Serve your clients’ diverse data needs with a powerful solution that manages onboarding, enrichment, analysis, and activation. Leverage our data collection to use on behalf of all clients for campaign tracking, analytics, and optimization.

Data Marketplace

Give clients scalable audience targeting capabilities globally and at scale with our trusted data marketplace available in your platform.

Identity Resolution

Preserve marketer tools and addressability with an identity platform that ensures you, your technology, and your clients are speaking the same language.

Platform Benefits

Preserve data connectivity and addressability across screens
Offer trusted global data within your platform to drive campaign performance
Enable clients to onboard, analyze, enrich, and activate data
Grow existing and new business with expanded capabilities and leading tech