Introducing Lotame
Private Data Exchange

Trusted Data Relationships Made Easy

Lotame PDX directly connects curated sellers of high-quality data from around the world with highly regarded brands and agencies in a transparent, flexible and trusted environment. Authenticated second-party and niche third-party providers use Lotame PDX to package, price and make those premium datasets easily accessible. Buyers, in turn, can make more informed decisions with clear insight into data sources, collection practices and IAB quality standards. The platform enables easy access to audience segments through most major distribution channels. Lotame PDX makes it easy and advantageous to find and connect with the right data partner right now.

Lotame PDX Products

Lotame PDX Connect

Lotame PDX Connect is the import and export hub for data. Sellers can import their website, mobile, app, CRM, ACR and OTT data, which is synced, matched to 4 billion web, mobile and OTT device IDs and clustered by individual and household. Buyers easily activate audience segments via most major distribution platforms.

Lotame PDX LAB

Lotame PDX LAB is where sellers build audience segments from all their data assets. Sellers can mix, match and package different combinations of attributes and behaviors across all platforms based on buyer needs and KPIs. LAB provides buyers with a virtual storefront to browse and buy the data they want.

Lotame PDX Analytics

Lotame PDX Analytics provides buyers a closer look at datasets to uncover audience insights and opportunities. Buyers have the option to compare and contrast their own data with a seller’s to find audience overlaps to inform targeting and conversion efforts.

Lotame Data Exchange (LDX)

Lotame Data Exchange is the world’s largest second- and third-party data marketplace. Lotame PDX sellers can leverage LDX to showcase sample segments, increase revenue potential and generate even greater global interest.

Key Benefits

  • TRANSPARENCY: With Lotame PDX, buyers know exactly how the data is sourced and collected, and what standards it meets. Sellers are upfront about how data may be used and who they wish to partner with.

  • FLEXIBILITY: A variety of data types, delivery channels and applications gives buyers the flexibility to find and activate exactly what they need. Sellers package, monetize and negotiate commercial terms how they want.

  • TRUST: Lotame has developed longstanding relationships with high-end buyers and often exclusive trusted partnerships with premium sellers. We vet and verify every data partner to meet privacy-compliance standards and monitor data quality and integrity.

  • ON-DEMAND DATA EXPERTISE: As a trusted data solutions provider, Lotame knows what kinds of data buyers want and what actually sells. We lend our expertise to both sides of the table to match buyers and sellers with the right partner right now.

Activate Across Major Platforms