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Tired of Not Understanding Your Data?

When your team needs to solve a data challenge, Lotame has you covered. We offer customized solutions and a dedicated client success team to solve any data challenge.

We Make Our Clients Smarter

  • Lotame has given us the ability to really target people with extreme granularity and precision. Simply, we wouldn’t be able to do that without them.
  • It gave the opportunity to really create that wow factor with each of our clients. We showed them who their customers were and we were the first ones to do that.
  • I really rely heavily on the Lotame Data Exchange both for attributions and insights but also audience building.

Actionable Insights

  • Being able to enhance and enrich our first party segments bringing in second party data as well but then combining that with the power of the Lotame Data Exchange really has given us scale and actionable insights for all of our targeting.

Constant Innovation

  • We’re very excited about the forward-looking direction of the business seeing some of the new innovations that are coming out.
  • I’m constantly seeing innovation. Every time I log into the UI there’s always something new to discover and see.

Outstanding Customer Support

  • The customer support really I’d say is the differentiator for Lotame. They’ve truly been a partner through the whole process.
  • I chat with my rep on a daily basis and they have been nothing but helpful.
  • They’re probably a model vendor me. Always willing to go out of their way for me, they’re super supportive, they’re super responsive and they’re super committed to making sure we’re educated and know how to use every facet of the platform.

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