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Did You Know: Lotame Syndicate

February 23, 2018

Did You Know Video Series

If you’ve seen any of the “Did You Know” video series to date, you’ve heard about Lotame’s products and standard procedures.  If this is your first, we want to tell you why these videos are so important.

After eleven years in the business, Lotame HAS remained true to our core — Genuine. While we know that we have THE BEST technology and service in the DMP landscape, we have been a bit too modest.

In 2018, Lotame is focused on shedding our modest history, while still staying true to our genuine core. That’s why we’re launching  a “Did You Know?” series of videos, to provide you with a look into some of Lotame’s products and features.

You already heard about our data retention and Data Exchange. Today, we are going to talk about our 2nd-Party Data Marketplace, Lotame Syndicate.

Lotame Syndicate

Lotame was actually one of the first to market with our 2nd Party Data marketplace, premiering FIVE years ago, in 2013.  The Lotame Syndicate marketplace provides a fully transparent, controlled environment to sell, share, and buy 2nd party data.

We’ve heard our competitors are misinformed, saying we do not have a Direct to DSP offering within our solution.  This simply is not true.

The exchange of data can occur two ways by using Lotame Syndicate.

  1. Amongst Lotame clients within the DMP
  2. OR directly to buyers, outside the DMP, via the pipes Lotame has established with the largest DSPs in the industry

Why do we provide an option to do both?

For data sellers, we understand there may be companies you would like to share your first-party data with that may be outside of the Lotame DMP.  Our Syndicate:Direct offering means ANYONE with a DSP account can access your data IF YOU WANT THEM TO.  For data buyers, we want to ensure Lotame brings you the most relevant and robust 2nd party data options wherever you are looking to buy data.

Lotame ALSO has a data sales team on staff for this solution. This team can help buyers and sellers initiate conversations with one another AS WELL as assist in the overall selling process, ensuring that clients are meeting their business objectives.   

Take a look at some of our current publishers selling 2nd party data via the Syndicate Marketplace. If you are interested in participating in the Syndicate marketplace (as a buyer or seller), or if you have any further questions, please get in touch!