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How Data Management Platforms Should Manage Your Data

October 19, 2016

A Data Management Platform should be focused and honed in on three main points throughout the implementation process and beyond. There needs to be solid collection, organization, and activation phases in order to get as much use out of the DMP as possible. 

Data Collection

Many questions should be asked before taking the step and moving forward with implementation with your new DMP. How is data collected? Can your data management platform collect data only through a tag? Can the DMP collect data through mobile web and mobile apps? How can data be collected in Lotame, specifically?

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Before moving on, here are a couple things to remember:

  • Lotame has data collection rules that can collect data from various points, such as data from a webpage’s URL, breadcrumbs, meta tag keywords, and social media share buttons
  • A client can pass in additional values, such as profile and registration information, through the Lotame Advanced Tag that would be otherwise unobtainable through the Data Collection Rules.
  • Lotame has a tool called semantic classification that will crawl through the pages of a website and classifies each page with a category
  • Lotame has the ability to onboard and  ingest files of data from another channel such as Liveramp
  • A client has the ability to create and place their own named pixels to represent whatever data point they wanted to collect
  • Lotame has a Mobile SDK that’s available if a client wishes to collect data via their mobile apps

Data Management

As a data management platform, all DMPs should have a sophisticated process in how data is managed and organized into specific data points. So how does this data management happen with Lotame’s DMP? Here are the basics:

  • The data points from the “collect” portion all flow into the Lotame Platform under one page where they can be managed and organized
  • Those data points can then be sorted and categorized into hierarchies
  • A client may create, edit, and add multiple hierarchies for a variety of reasons. For example, a client can create a hierarchy for the categories that consist in their web properties and create a hierarchy solely for the purpose of managing campaign behaviors.
  • From those hierarchies, audiences can be created.

Data Activation

A DMP should not just be able to send data out to many different activation channels, but also have some ways to analyze that valuable data a way to truly understand and optimize your data.

What can Lotame do with those data points? Below is a short overview of some of the Lotame tools which can be used for analytics.

  • Insights – This tool allows you to track impressions, clicks, conversions and more in your live campaigns. It can show you what the top performing behaviors to ensure delivery are. It also shows you what the targeted audience’s other interests are. All in all, it can be used to increase KPIs and delete underperforming behaviors.
    • We have different reports showcasing the most important behaviors and audiences and their contributions to the success of the campaign such as our campaign wrap-up report.
    • We have the ability to automatically create insights specifically for Google DFP and more coming out in the future via ad log ingestion.
  • Audience Optimizer This tool automatically enhances and updates your audiences so that they will have the most impact on users through a refined machine-learning system
  • Audience Profile Report – This tool takes an audience and gives you another visual of the stats of an audience such as the audience’s demographics and affinities.
  • Data StreamThis is another tool that supplies you with thousands of consumer profiles each with varying behavioral attributes for your research
  • Exporting to Activation Channels – You can always send your audiences out of Lotame to the dozens of activation channels we have for further analysis or ad targeting to be done. If that activation channel doesn’t exist we can always have one in process with the activation channel if the other activation channel is willing.
  • Viewability – We have partnered with MOAT, a powerful analytics tool, for more of your analytic needs. MOAT helps with predicting your audience’s engagement, viewability, and other important metrics

What do you think? Do you think the DMP you’re working with meets the collect, organize, and activate points? If you don’t have a DMP, would a DMP be right for your business? Want to learn more? Email info@lotame.com to learn more about what Lotame has to offer you!

This article was written by Jonathan Ko, Technical Account Manager at Lotame. Connect with Jon on LinkedIn

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