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The Power of Combining First- and Third-Party Data

First-party data is the cornerstone of a smart marketing strategy – we can’t say it enough. But data-driven marketing really gets interesting when you combine first- and third-party data. Take your own campaign, site and app data, marry it with demographic and behavioral insights gleaned from third-party data sources around the world, and you get deep audience insights that you can use to make your direct and programmatic buys far more effective.

That’s the power that’s unlocked by Lotame’s DMP. With Lotame you’ll be able to access rich third-party data from our global Lotame Data Network. You’ll also be able to tap into third-party data from over 20 branded providers including companies like Mastercard, Webbula and Kantar Shopcom.

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What real audience insights look like

Let’s say you’re a gaming company launching a new first-person shooter game. Your initial tactic might be to cast your targeting net wide by focusing on “males aged 18-34.” With Lotame, you’ll be able to quickly refine this audience. As soon as you start to see actions against your campaign – whether those actions are clicks, video views, other ad interactions or even conversions – you’ll be able to use third-party data to identify the specific demographic and behavioral attributes that make up your most engaged audiences.

You might find, for example, that the audiences who are engaging most frequently with your ads actually skew older rather than younger, are more likely to live in urban than suburban areas, and over-index the rest of the Internet population when it comes to viewing videos online and having an interest in computers and technology.

Armed with these insights, you can then refine your campaign targeting criteria by building new audience segments comprising people who look and act exactly like the people who have already engaged with your campaigns.

All this is facilitated within Lotame’s DMP by cookie matching your first-party data with our global third-party network. This process adds far richer data to your existing first-party data and enables you to easily scale your campaigns and refine your targeting criteria.

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