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Did You Know: Content Personalization

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Today, we are going to talk about Content Personalization, and how integrating with a DMP like Lotame can help you tailor your customer experiences through the collection, organization, and activation of data.

As a marketer or publisher, there is an ever-evolving journey to identify your best customers, find more like them, and retain customer loyalty by building positive connections with them.

Content Personalization enables you to serve segment-specific content and messaging to your audience at every touchpoint along the customer conversion journey and sales funnel.

But you may be wondering: How can a DMP directly affect the content you are pushing in any given marketing campaign?

By combining your CMS or Content Management System with the Lotame DMP, your consumer’s rich behavioral attributes can be reviewed and analyzed to ensure each piece of content, regardless of its type, is specifically suited for that consumer, maximizing the chances the user will spend more time with your content, or will be more likely to engage.

As soon as a user visits your website, we will send your content engine a comprehensive list of attributes about the user. From there, you can determine messaging that should be shown to users depending on the attributes seen! Icing on the cake? This is all done in real-time.

Get personal with your consumers. Understand what resonates with them. In order to succeed, you need to be able to use the data available to you to show your customers content that will resonate most with them.

By showing the right visitor the right message or product at the right time you can ultimately increase engagement and sales! Interested in learning more about the endless possibilities with content personalization? Contact us for a demo!