Combining Online and Offline Data to Drive Success

January 10, 2017

How to Combine Online and Offline Data

As a marketer, you have data housed in many data silos – in different locations and in multiple formats. From campaign performance data and site analytics through to CRM and email data, you capture a huge volume of insights into customers and prospects.

But how much of that data is really actionable? And how do the different data sources you have work together to provide a holistic view of your target audience? With Lotame’s data management platform (DMP), you can capture, organize, and make all of this separate data instantly actionable to underpin your marketing programs. By combining your data from any source in one overall platform such as Lotame, you are given a holistic view of your consumer across screens and platforms.

Online Data

Lotame’s DMP enables you to collect multiple behavioral and demographic data points from across your sites, apps, ads and landing pages. By capturing the ways in which consumers are interacting across these different digital touch points, you can build a detailed picture of them: What content they’re consuming, on what device, and what specific actions they’re taking. These data points combine to provide rich insights, which can then be used to optimize content development, ad targeting and creative messaging.

Our rules-based data collection goes far beyond metatags and URLs. Read more about Lotame’s thorough data collection process here to see how we can collect dozens of data points on each page of your website.

Offline Data

One of the key benefits of Lotame’s data management platform is the ability to not only capture data from your sites, apps and ads, but to also combine these insights with other offline data points you may have. This could be data housed in your CRM system, transaction level data, insights within your marketing automation platform, or site analytics data.

Lotame’s onboarding services means we can match these data points to cookies and mobile device IDs inside the platform for an additional cross-platform view of your audience. This data onboarding process captures valuable demographic and behavioral data points, but without any PII attached, which helps ensure that privacy standards are upheld.

Combining online and offline data in one central platform provides you with a complete 360 degree view of your customers and prospects. These insights will underpin audience targeting, enable you to deliver more personalized marketing campaigns, and maximize the ROI you generate from your marketing budget.

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