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The Hard and Fast Rules of Data Collection

January 3, 2016

Every time someone views a page on your website, they can generate more than 40 different data points. That’s every page view, and that’s every person – whether they’re a first-timer or a repeat visitor. And if your DMP is working correctly, that means a LOT of data collection.

Whether you’re at 10,000 page views a month, or 100,000 uniques per day, you’re likely amassing a lot more first-party data than you know what to do with.

It can be overwhelming to think about collecting all this data, let alone analyzing it and activating against it. That’s why data collection is sort of our thing here at Lotame. We do the hard work, so that it’s easier for you to access – and act on – the data you need to keep your business thriving.

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Through our 10 years of experience helping clients collect, organize, and make sense of their audience data, we’ve amassed a set of rules on data collection to ensure you’re doing it right. Here are 4 simple rules to keep in mind when collecting data from your websites or other properties.

Rule #1: Collect More to Learn More

It stands to reason that the more data you have at your disposal, the deeper the insights you can gather about the people visiting your sites, or engaging with your ads. Lotame goes far beyond just URLs and metadata when it comes to collecting first-party data. Through our DMP, you can seamlessly collect multiple data points per page, including:

• Ad interactions
• Different types of media being consumed
• Social engagement
• Search terms being entered
• Forum posts and topics being created
• Newsletter sign-ups
• Commenting
• And much more…

Together, these data points help you build a complete profile of the people who are visiting your digital properties and interacting with your ads.

Rule #2: Make Data Collection Simple, Seamless and Strategic

Lotame’s data management platform has created a unique rule-based approach to data collection. We use rules written into the platform to capture multiple data points from your digital properties from just one tag. This prevents you from having to pixel every user interaction, which is laborious and can result in latency. This approach to data collection helps streamline the set-up and implementation of your DMP instance and enables you to focus more of your time executing your data strategy.

Rule #3: Take Your Data Collection Across Screens

We live in a multi-screen world, so data collection needs to happen seamlessly across screens too. Our technology enables first-party data to be collected regardless of the device beyond used, whether that’s desktop, smartphone or tablet.

Yes, collecting data from one source – such as your website – is great! But collecting data about your audience across screens is even better. Not sure how to make this happen? Lotame Cross-Device can help do the hard part – check it out.

Rule #4: Make use of your existing data sets

We recognize that our clients have existing first-party data and we want to ensure this data becomes actionable alongside data gathered from sites, apps and ads. Lotame’s DMP can ingest PII-free first-party data from any source including email data, data housed on a CRM system, or existing registration data. Don’t leave your valuable data on the table – make sure you’re gathering it from every source.

Sources of data

Data collection is the first step in your successful data strategy, and Lotame offers one of the most robust first-party data collection platforms in the industry. Request a demo of our data management platform to find out more.

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