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Adslot Completes Integration with Lotame Data Exchange

May 4, 2017

Lotame is proud to announce a new integration with Adslot, the leading global innovator of digital media workflow and trading technology.

This integration enhances Adslot’s Guaranteed Audience feature by partnering with Lotame’s industry-leading data exchange, which brings billions of data points collected from devices around the globe. Because of the scale of Lotame’s data offering, the integration significantly extends the breadth and diversity of audience profiles available via Adslot, and with it the market opportunity.

“Lotame is a significant global player in the audience data technology segment, we are very excited about what we can bring to our agency and publisher customers through this integration, said Adslot CEO, Ian Lowe.

Lotame offers data products across nearly every advertiser target market, including automotive, health, B2B, consumer interest, demographics, and financial indicators. The scale, scope and quality of the third party data they provide is material, encompassing thousands of audience segments.

Our integration with Lotame data means all of these audience segments are now accessible within Adslot, and can be overlaid in any combination across any ad product for any enabled publisher. Importantly, it also makes Adslot immediately relevant for a substantial number of buyers and sellers already using Lotame technology”, said Lowe.

Jason Downie, SVP and General Manager, Data Solutions at Lotame said, “We see very significant potential for the integration of Lotame data and Adslot. Adslot built a strategic position via sophisticated ad server integrations that connect buyer and seller directly from the very top of the publisher inventory waterfall. And they’ve signed up many of the world’s leading publishers.

Lotame is the industry’s leading independent global data exchange, providing instant access to billions of global data points which can be targeted across screens, devices, and industries.

In combination, Adslot’s marketplace and Lotame data provide the single most seamless, direct connection of audience data between buyer and seller,” said Downie.

In its Half Year Results presentation, Adslot identified “integrations with audience data providers” as one of the key product features and enhancements required to support greater adoption and use of Adslot’s AG platform at scale.

Adslot’s launch of Guaranteed Audience, and the data integration with Lotame, is expected to increase adoption of Adslot AG at scale, and creates a new sales channel into the trading desks of major media buying houses.