Lotame TV Data Exchange

TV Audiences Amplified Across Digital Screens

Activate TV show and commercial audiences from opted-in Smart TVs to augment your marketing initiatives across digital screens. Powered by speed, transparency and scale, Lotame pre-packaged and custom TV Audiences help media companies, agencies and brands unify and amplify messaging, conquest the competition, and push syndicated audiences to your DSP of choice. TV + Digital audience activation has never been easier.

Fall Premiere TV Audiences

Tentpole TV Audiences

Identify the right tentpole brands and events so you can effectively reach a highly sought after TV viewer audience, including competitor ads, and reinforce your message digitally — strike while they’re hot!

TV Commercials

Target TV commercial viewers by vertical including, home improvement, DIY, baby, banking and payment, wireless, snack food, weight loss, men’s health, gardening, and more! For custom requests, contact us.

Amplification Competitive Conquesting

All Lotame TV Audiences

Lotame TV Data Exchange offers 167 pre-packaged TV audiences, categorized by Program, Network, Show, Genre, Viewertype, Dayparts, Tentpoles and Commercials. View the Audience Planning Tool for a full listing of segments, including definitions and DSP targeting codes.

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Custom TV Audiences

Don’t see what you’re looking for in the Lotame TV Audience Planning tool? Our team of data experts can mix and match TV viewership audiences to custom-create segments based on your needs using Lotame’s TV LAB. For custom requests, contact us.

Key Benefits

  • SCALE: With roughly 11 million Smart TV televisions and over 140 million matched smartphones, laptops, and tablets, Lotame offers rich targeting opportunities and unparalleled scale and performance. No other provider has the scale of opted-in Smart TVs, nor the scale of Lotame’s Data Exchange.
  • SPEED: Our viewership data feed is based on a real-time integration with Inscape. Re-targeting segments can be turned around in one business day!
  • ACCESS & ACTIVATION: Reach TV/commercial viewers while having a unified, digital cross-channel conversation with the ability to syndicate audiences to your activation channel of choice.
  • TRANSPARENCY: There’s no guesswork: what you’ll get is accurate, high-quality data, and no inflated numbers. Through Lotame’s direct partnership with Inscape, content is detected by reliable video ACR (automatic content recognition) and we provide an exact match of opted-in Smart TVs.
  • MARKET SHARE: Leveraging Lotame TV Audiences is a golden opportunity to target viewers who have already been exposed to your competitor’s ads. Steal market share and stay top of mind!
  • TV + DIGITAL CONNECTED DATA SOLUTIONS: Lotame TV is a connected data solution suite, that can support your audience goals beyond basic segmentation.

Activate Across Any DSP or Platform