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Accuracy Matters: Lotame Precision Audiences

February 9, 2018

Given the impact data can have on campaign performance, targeting and analytics, it’s easy to see why the quality of data matters. This is why Lotame has created Precision Audiences, data segments that exceed industry on-target benchmarks and improve targeting, insights, and analytics. First-to-market from this line are our Precision Demographic Audiences, now available in your DSPs.

What Are Precision Audiences?

Created with our proprietary curation and verification process, Lotame Precision Audiences are:

  • VALIDATEDProprietary “continually on” validation tests mean these segments exceed industry standards so you can be confident you are reaching your intended audience.
  • GLOBALLY SCALED: Covers all major markets, creating an opportunity for quality data across all audiences. 
  • PROPRIETARY: Curated & validated by Lotame’s team of data experts, unlike anything else available on the market!

Lotame Precision Audiences: By the Numbers

A major CPG brand used Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences for demographic targeting, and here is a sample of how they scored compared to industry benchmarks:

  • In the US, the CPG brand tested an audience of 20MM females ages 18-34. The results scored double the accepted industry benchmark!
  • In the UK, the CPG brand tested an audience of 40MM females 25-54. This audience tested 25% above benchmark at 40MM profiles
  • In Germany, the CPG brand tested an audience of 40MM male profiles age 18-34. This audience scored 30% above accepted industry benchmarks

Want to Get Precision Data?

Precision Audiences are now available in your DSP for immediate purchase. Or, if you want more info on these Precision Audiences, fill out the form below and someone from our team will get in touch! Or read more about the Lotame Data Exchange.



Hear From Lotame Clients Who Use Precision Data

Lotame is Committed to Data Quality

We believe that improving the quality of data and trust of data companies across our industry is crucial to the growth of programmatic advertising. Lotame is working with leading industry groups and partners to create the most trusted data ecosystem possible.

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