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Lotame’s data management platform was built to deliver measurable value for marketers, publishers, and agencies. This value is unlocked through a powerful set of interlinked solutions that enable you to maximize effectiveness at every stage of your data strategy.
Get to Know Your Audience
Lotame’s data management platform makes it easy for publishers to uncover insights about site visitors, personalize content to increase engagement, find new subscribers, and power targeted campaigns to increase ad revenue,

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Introducing Your Newest Revenue Stream

Lotame enables publishers to capture your customer data from any source and enrich it with insights from our global third-party data exchange. By harnessing these audience insights, you can offer targeted campaigns to your advertisers at increased CPMs, meaning you win more RFPs with bigger budgets. All of this means more revenue for you.

Increase Engagement With Your Readers

Integrating audience data from the Lotame platform within your CMS will enable you to deliver more customized editorial experiences. This custom content will increase the time consumers spend on your sites, drive more repeat visits and create more advertising opportunities.

Get To Know Your Audience

Learn more about your site visitors on and off your properties, so you can customize the messaging they see and improve your targeted advertising. The better you can tailor your messaging, the more engagement you will have, and the better your campaigns will perform.

Win More RFPs and Sell More Ads

Include a targeted audience component with your proposals to win more RFPs. Give the marketer the ability to reach exactly who they want to reach, with no ad waste. Sell smarter to your advertisers using audience insights on your first-party data, by understanding the interests, actions, demographics, and locations of your consumers to be able to find more of the same.

Increase and Retain Subscribers

By segmenting your existing site traffic and personalizing the content you send to each group, you have unlimited opportunities to increase your subscriber base, and generate additional revenue.

Our Solutions for Publishers
Collect, Organize, Activate Your Data
Data Management Platform
Lotame's DMP enables publishers to harness the power of audience data to increase campaign performance and revenue.
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Audience Optimizer
Lookalike Modeling
Audience Optimizer
Maximize performance and efficiency of digital ad campaigns by extending your most valuable audiences to deliver the best possible ROI.
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Reach Consumers Across Platforms
Collect and connect data from all the devices your target consumers use to reach them in the right place, at the right time.
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3rd Party Data
Lotame Data Exchange
Get instant access to granular data from billions of cookies and mobile IDs from the LDX.
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Data Stream
Raw Data Firehose
Data Stream
Access Lotame's raw data firehose to fuel enterprise-level applications and solutions for deeper insights into target consumers.
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Bring Offline Data Online
Combine offline and CRM data with other data sources for a holistic view of your consumers with Lotame Onboarding.
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2nd Party Data
Access rich second-party data not available in the open marketplace by handpicking marketers or publishers with whom you want to exchange data.
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Target TV Viewers Digitally
Reach viewers of a particular TV channel, program, or network with Lotame Smart TV Segments.
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Data Management
Meet the Platform
Learn more about how Lotame’s data management platform can help you reach your best audience to improve campaign performance.
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Data Management
Why Lotame?
Top-notch service and innovative technology to ensure your DMP success.
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