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JPIMedia Doubles Reach for Local UK News Sites

November 3, 2020

JPIMedia knows the neighborhood(s). With over 150 local and national news titles such as The Scotsman, The Yorkshire Post, and The Lancashire Evening Post, they are one of the largest local media groups in the UK. With millions visiting every day, JPIMedia sought ways to increase understanding of its valuable audiences across all browsers but cookie blocking had created obstacles to achieving those goals. This publisher turned to its data solutions partner Lotame for help finding their audiences across all first-party environments. Lotame’s Lightning Tag technology collects and extracts data in real time on every browser and device that interacts with a client’s page. This ability to see their audience across all first-party environments enables JPIMedia to capture and target even first-time visitors and one-and-dones across browsers.

Learn how JPIMedia achieves these remarkable results:

  • 2x increase in recognized users in DMP
  • 4x increase in targetable impressions

Download the case study. If you’re interested in achieving similar results for your business or want to learn more about Lotame, please contact us.