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Data Management Platform

Content Development

Engage Audiences with Data-Informed Content

Increase engagement with consumers across your properties and platforms with tailored content and messaging based on insights gleaned from your online and offline consumer data, advertiser data and 3rd party data. Use these insights to inform your editorial content development, and keep your visitors, viewers, and users coming back for more.

Create Data-Informed Content

Use the panoramic consumer insights provided by Lotame Analytics to guide your editorial teams on the attributes and behaviors associated with readers of your web content, viewers of your video across platforms, and users of your mobile and OTT apps. Give your content operations teams a new set of strategic tools by building optimized audience segments in Lotame LAB using your online and offline consumer data, marketer data and 3rd party data, and then connect to your content management platforms and recommendation engines with Lotame Connect to personalize the user’s experience.

Key Benefits
Art Meets Science

Provide editorial teams with consumer attribute and behavioral insights to spark creativity and guide content development

Increase Engagement

Keep consumers reading, viewing, and using longer with content they are most likely to engage with

Content Platform Connectivity

Connect data-driven audience segments with your CMS and content recommendation platforms for operational ease