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Data Management Platform

Consumer Marketing

Powering Subscriptions and Direct to Consumer Offers

Lotame's unstacked data solutions offer unparalleled consumer insights and omnichannel activation options, so you can reach and engage consumers with subscription, product and service offers that perform. Understand what content or services your consumers are most interested in, and engage directly across screens to build and grow subscriptions, and develop and promote new products.

Use Data to Reach Your Consumers

With Lotame LAB, you can mix and match consumer data from any source, including thousands of 2nd or 3rd party data segments from the Lotame Data Exchange, to build the perfect audience, find more just like them using machine learning and modeling, and activate anywhere with 50+ media platforms integrations with Lotame Connect. Lotame Analytics offers a deep understanding of behaviors and preferences for existing customers and consumers exposed to your messaging, so you can optimize your campaigns to improve performance.

Key Benefits
Insights-Driven R&D

Develop the content and products your consumers want and need using 360 degree audience insights

Acquire and Retain Subscribers

Understand content consumption habits, preferences, and interests to develop valuable subscription products and activate offers through any channel

Market Products Like a DTC Brand

Leverage audience insights to develop new consumer products, and optimize your data-driven marketing efforts across channels