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Data Management Platform


Challenge the Walled Gardens with Data-Driven Advertising Solutions

With Lotame's unstacked data solutions for advertising, publishers and media companies can be more nimble in responding to marketer RFPs or surfacing inventory in programmatic channels with data-driven audience segmentation powered by your own data, or in combination with marketer or 3rd party data. Enable smarter marketing across any device or screen, earning a larger share of spend and higher CPMs by surfacing valuable audience segments and improving campaign performance for programmatic or direct buys. Use machine learning and modeling to build and grow segments from any data source, activate through your adserver or programmatic supply platforms, and enhance campaign performance with 360 degree insights.

Try Data-Driven Advertising Solutions

With Lotame LAB, you can mix and match consumer data from any source, including online or offline data from your marketer partners or 3rd party data segments from the Lotame Data Exchange, to build the perfect audience, find more just like them using machine learning and modeling, and activate anywhere through integrations with 50+ platforms via Lotame Connect. Lotame Analytics offers a deep understanding of your consumers' behaviors and preferences, which you can use to optimize campaigns and messaging to improve performance.

Key Benefits
Connected, Data-Driven Selling

Leverage data to sell contextually or programmatically based on how your marketers want to buy

Increase CPMs

Target valuable audience segments and charge premium rates

Win More RFPs

Activate your own data in combination with marketer and 3rd party data to surface endemic and non-endemic audiences