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How to Sell More Ads with a Data Management Platform (DMP)

February 1, 2011

As any media sales person knows, the goal is always to sell MORE.

Data Management Platforms (DMPs) like Lotame give publishers the ability to sell more ads, create new ad products and even charge higher CPMs. How exactly can this be achieved?

First, you need to understand the basics of what a data management platform is, and what it does. Lotame’s Data Management Platform (DMP) centralizes data assets from all sources, including online, offline & mobile; offers deep audience insights about your consumers and prospects; and makes this data actionable for audience targeting and beyond. A DMP not only enables smart marketing across any device or screen, but also allows publishers to earn higher CPMs by targeting valuable audience segments and improving campaign performance.

Here are a few specific ways to sell more media with a data management platform:

  • Include targeted audience component with proposals to win more RFPs
  • Sell smarter using audience insights on your first-party data, by understanding the interests, actions, demographics, and locations of your consumers to be able to find more of the same
  • Scale audiences using related attributes, behaviors and interests of your advertisers’ target
  • Win business from new advertisers (now that you have the audiences they want and the ability to build custom segments)
  • Respond to RFPs illustrating key audience profiles to help you WIN
  • Use audience extension to increase the size of your desired audience and reach those targets off your properties
  • Make your advertisers smarter (with audience insights and audience profile reports) to help deepen your relationships and win new and repeat business
  • Accept a transfer of data (cookies for targeting) from your marketers, agencies and trading desks and scale it with tools in your DMP. They may call it “BYOD”, or Bring Your Own Data.

For more information on how Lotame’s data management platform can help you sell more media, contact us for a demo of the platform. We’d love to show you how our platform can help you make more money!