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Data Organization: The Building Blocks for Audience Creation

With Lotame, data organization is as simple as arranging files on your computer hard drive. The platform enables simple categorization of data and has an elegant interface for creating audience segments. Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about this process:

So, I’ve collected my first-party data, now what?

As your online and offline data flows into the DMP, it will be categorized within hierarchies. Think of these like folders on your computer. Each hierarchy will capture a specific behavior or demographic trait, such as age, gender and interests. These hierarchies are extremely flexible and can easily be added to, edited or deleted. We’ll set up your hierarchies as part of the initial onboarding process and will then give you the tools to edit and update them.

Are these hierarchies custom to me?

It depends. We have a set of standard hierarchies, which most clients make use of. The benefit of using our standard hierarchies is that it’s easier to see overlaps between your first-party data and the third-party data we make available through our Data Exchange. If you’re capturing custom first-party data – i.e. data that’s specific to your individual properties – we’ll set up custom hierarchies. Combining standard and custom hierarchies ensures that none of your first-party data goes to waste.

Are hierarchies what I use to target my campaigns?

Hierarchies are what you use to create audience segments and it’s these segments you use for ad targeting. For tightly targeted campaigns, you’ll likely combine several different hierarchies, which enables you to create more granular audience segments. This process is managed through the Lotame Audience Builder. The Lotame Audience Builder uses Boolean logic enabling you to specify the exact way in which you combine different behaviors and demographic elements.

Can audience segments include first- and third-party data?

Absolutely. The UI enables you to easily mix and match first-party data with third-party data from the Lotame Data Exchange and our branded data partners. That’s the real power of the DMP: you have multiple data points to select from so you can get really granular with your targeting.

How can I find out more?

The best way to understand data organization and the creation of custom audiences is through a brief demo of the platform. We can walk you through the process so you can see how simple but powerful the different tools are within the DMP.

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