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[Webinar] Lotame Accelerate: The (R)evolution of Customer Data in 2023

Lotame Accelerate Webinar Replay

Having first-party data is only half the battle for marketers. As you consider the 2023 roadmap, it’s critical to understand what’s possible with the customer data you do have, which partners add measurable value, and how to implement successful data strategies. Watch the webinar, Lotame Accelerate: The (R)evolution of Customer Data in 2023, to learn from experts about how to connect your own customer data dots and build a winning product roadmap.

In this inaugural Lotame Accelerate webinar series you’ll: 

  • Hear from an interactive panel of industry experts, covering topics ranging from customer data strategies to identity, clean rooms to modeling and data enrichment.
  • Get a sneak peek into some exciting developments around Lotame’s emerging customer data capabilities, including a teaser of a BIG REVEAL coming in January 2023.

Speakers include: 

  • Andy Monfried, CEO & Co-founder, Lotame
  • Eliza Nevers, Chief Product Officer, Lotame
  • John Spencer, Director of Digital Strategy, Zion & Zion
  • Alexandra Theriault, GM, Spherical, Lotame
  • Bob Walczak, CEO, MadTech Advisors

BONUS: Receive a complimentary copy of Lotame’s third and final survey report, Beyond the Cookie: Next-Generation Customer Acquisition & Retention for Marketers and Publishers. Inside you’ll find out how industry leaders are preparing for a cookieless world today and where they plan to invest in the future.

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