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Buyers have ready access to thousands of high-quality audience segments in the world via Lotame’s second- and third-party data marketplaces. Choose from pre-packaged, custom, or proprietary Lotame Precision Demographic and Intent audiences. Meet your unique data needs by connecting directly with our dedicated data experts for help with pre-sale, RFPs, or current campaigns.

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No matter where you sit, harness the power of third-party data — with or without third-party cookies — from the largest, highest quality data marketplace in the world. Lotame’s audience segments are available in 50+ advertising platforms, including Google, The Trade Desk, Xandr, and more. See our Partners and Integrations to learn more.


Over 5,000 pre-packaged audience segments covering demographics, behavioral, B2B, purchase intent and more — available globally.

Precision Demographic & Interest

Lotame Precision Audiences deliver the high quality, accuracy, and relevance buyers need to get closer to the right customers. These premium segments are built from declared and modelled datasets to improve targeting, insights, and analytics. 


Work with Lotame data specialists to create custom blends of first-, second- or third-party data across web, mobile, and TV. Activate it anywhere, generate performance insights, and optimize for success with Lotame custom data solutions.