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STUDY: Demand for High-Quality Data Ramps Up Year-Over-Year

Lotame Sees 25% Jump in High-Quality Data Investment Globally 

New York, NY – (May 4, 2022) – Lotame (www.lotame.com), the only flexible data solutions provider to future-proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens, today reported that buying of high-quality, third-party audience data increased 25% globally from 2020 to 2021. 

In the North America (NA) region, Lotame saw impressive YoY performance in the second half (2H) for the following B2B (Business-to-Business) audience segments: B2B Seniority Executives (519% increase), B2B Functional Area IT (339% increase) and Small B2B Decision Makers (43% increase). 

Additional audience segments in the NA region that experienced 2H YoY growth include: 

  • NFL (831% increase) 
  • Household Income $150-250k (302% increase)
  • C-Level Executives (112% increase) 
  • Job Seekers (118% increase)
  • Household Income $60-75k (54% increase)Green Living (41% increase)

In 2021 alone, the U.S. drove overall global data sales, followed by sizable increases in EMEA, APAC and LATAM. Throughout the year, US Hispanics or Spanish Speakers audiences remained one of the most popular. In 2H 2021, US Hispanics Parenting spend increased by 1,173%. 

“Marketer and publisher demand for high-quality data go well beyond activation, although cookieless addressability is top of mind for everyone,” said Brian O’Connor, General Manager for Lotame’s Data Exchange. “We’re seeing a real upswing in data enrichment for prospecting, data sharing, modeling and analytics across our global clients. It makes perfect sense as companies are struggling with either not enough first-party data or the very real limits of that critical data to understanding who customers are and how to find more of them.” 

As advertisers continue to invest in their audience strategy, they are increasingly augmenting first-party data with third-party data, as the latter provides reach and scale in addition to a more rounded view of the consumer. The IAB State of Data Report 2021 confirms that ad spend is continuously being allocated to third-party audience data, increasing 3.3% to $12.3 billion YoY.

Globally, the top-performing audience segments in 2H 2021 include Advanced Demographics, B2B (33% increase), Age, Business, CTV (78% increase), Lotame Precision, Entertainment, Home & Family and Hispanic.

Individual global markets that yielded some of the highest 2H YoY growth include: 

  • UAE (295%)
  • Mexico (222%)
  • Singapore (137%)
  • Japan (99%)
  • Brazil (62%)
  • Italy (38%)

“As consumer behavior remains an ever-changing facet of our industry, it is critical to map an accurate customer journey,” added O’Connor. “We’re well-positioned to help brands of all sizes build more relevant and accurate personas, plan, analyze and execute on their data-driven and data-informed strategies.”

The data was sourced from Lotame Data Exchange, the world’s largest second- and third-party data marketplace, comprising billions of monthly unique users. Find regional highlights below: 

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Lotame delivers flexible data solutions to future proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens. Marketers, media owners, and platforms rely on our innovative and interoperable solutions, powered by our identity platform, to onboard, enrich, and address audiences. Lotame is headquartered in the United States and serves global clients in North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific.