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Data Management Platform

Customer Engagement

Increase Customer Engagement & Loyalty

Get a panoramic view of your current customers outside the context of their interactions with your business. Drive greater intelligence about their habits, spending, demographics and buying intentions to better inform your triggered and scheduled one-to-one marketing initiatives. Fill in the gaps in your understanding of how and when to best message, convert, upsell and cross-sell customers at scale using consumer attribute and behavioral data to make an impact in the moments that matter.

Increase Your Customer's Engagement

Translate those learnings into action with Lotame LAB. Mix and match consumer data from any source, including thousands of 2nd or 3rd party data segments from the Lotame Data Exchange, to enrich your customer segments. Target with tailored messaging across your choice of 50+ activation platforms via Lotame Connect. Use in tandem with Lotame Analytics to adjust your segmentation, campaigns and messaging to optimize for engagement.

Key Benefits
Learn More About Your Customers

Expand what you know about current customers' habits, demographics, spending and buying intentions

Inform Your Marketing Strategy

Use attribute and behavior intel to adjust triggered and scheduled marketing initiatives

Increase Engagement

Personalize the content and messaging shown to each customer segment to improve performance