Data Management Platform

Customer Acquisition

Acquire New Customers More Efficiently

Accelerate and optimize your customer acquisition efforts across channels with the world’s largest selection of 2nd and 3rd party attribute and behavioral data. Target valuable, hard to find, niche personas to bring into the top of your funnel. Or, spread your net wide and build look-alike models based on your best customers to find new customers at scale. Through Lotame’s partnerships, you can take advantage of turnkey connections to leading DSPs, ad servers and networks to activate your campaigns across channels. Get the most out of your marketing investment without needing to coordinate multiple vendors and technology platforms.

Start Acquiring New Customers

Leverage attributes and behaviors about your current customers from Lotame Analytics to algorithmically build prospect pools for customer acquisition initiatives. Use Lotame LAB to select and build segments based on existing customers’ level of engagement score, purchase history or customer lifetime value, and grow your prospect pools based on thousands of attributes and behavioral data points from the Lotame Data Exchange. You control how large or how focused these prospect segments are.

Key Benefits
Acquire New Customers More Efficiently

Leverage attributes and behaviors from current customers to build prospect pools

Increase Engagement & Acquisition

Personalize content and messaging shown to each audience to improve performance

Omnichannel, Global Scale

Find your next great customer across any screen around the world