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Six Ways Identity Resolution Can Improve Campaign Targeting

In our previous article on the topic of Identity Resolution, we defined the term and what it means to marketers. Now we understand that identity resolution means combining multiple data sources on an audience from many devices and platforms for a cohesive understanding of the customer across screens. Today, we’re diving into the business cases for identity resolutions and how they can help improve your marketing campaigns.

There are many business use cases for identity resolution. Here are a few of the most common:

Unified ID Management: By applying a persistent identifier for a consumer across devices, enterprises can link consumer data across all systems and departments, including sales, marketing and service. Say goodbye to data silos and hello to an enterprise that knows its customers and how to speak to them appropriately!

Insights and Measurement: Want to learn more about your customers? You probably want to know about them on more than one device. Otherwise you’re just getting one piece of the picture. Linking data from multiple sources means you can accurately analyze how customers move through the funnel.

Segmentation and Audience Building: When you have a complete understanding of who your consumers are, you can segment them into groups or “audiences” and speak to each audience separately. There are endless ways to segment your data, but some very basic quick wins would be separating existing customers from prospective customers, or separating current employees from customers. Why spend money advertising to your existing customers or employees, if you can instead send that valuable messaging to new prospective customers?

Customer Journey Optimization: By connecting your customer interactions from any source, including online, offline, mobile, and in-store, you have the ability to fully analyze and address consumers depending on where they are in the sales funnel. Top of the funnel messaging will be different from bottom of the funnel, and by gathering this information from every data source, you will have a more accurate picture.

Cross-Channel Attribution: Linking customer interactions and purchases from every touchpoint means you can accurately measure how your marketing efforts are working. Evaluate which campaigns are most effective, put more money there, and stop spending money where it doesn’t work.

Frequency Capping: Just as you would employ frequency caps on a display campaign or a mobile campaign, Identity Resolution means you can employ these frequency caps across all screens and devices.

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