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Panorama ID

The Future Is Connected

Marketers and publishers need a common language that makes possible relevant, responsible, and resilient advertising. We’ve seen firsthand that the cookie — whether first-party or third-party — is not the foolproof solution many hope it to be. Digital advertising needs future-proofed innovation that works for everyone.

People-Based, Privacy-First, Open-to-All

Lotame Panorama ID is a global people-based, privacy-compliant identity solution for the open web. Built from multiple inputs (web, mobile, CTV, and customer-specific IDs), our enriched ID is freely accessible to and interoperable across the cookie-challenged web, all domains, devices, and platforms globally.



Connects all types of device identifiers and associated individual behaviors into an enriched, single view across channels



Gives consumers control to see and own their privacy choices no matter the device — and provides the marketplace with a transparent solution that applies consent signals across all touch points



Creates a common language that is freely accessible and interoperable across platforms, devices, and IDs, without dependence on third-party cookies

Open to All

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