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CPG Brand Increases Accuracy 15% with Precision Demographic Audiences

A major CPG brand was frustrated with the performance of demographic data against their Digital Demographic Benchmarks. They created a threshold that met their standards of performance and asked Lotame to identify key demographic audiences that would hit or exceed their benchmarks while maintaining scale for audience campaigns they run across multiple brands in their portfolio.

Audience targeting has increasingly become a focus over the past few years, especially for marketers. They rely heavily on data to deliver relevant content to audiences, improve consumer experiences, and make educated business decisions, all on a daily basis. As audience data’s importance continues to grow, marketers are becoming more interested in the quality and transparency of data to ensure they are making the right business decisions moving forward, and reducing wasted ad spend.

How Lotame Helped the CPG Brand Increase Results

Lotame’s exclusive Precision Demographic Audiences, available to customers using the Lotame Data Exchange, or through all activation channels Lotame works with, deliver accurate and validated on-target audience segments, exceeding industry benchmarks in over 20 major international countries. The CPG brand tested specific data sets using Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences and found that their audiences performed at 15-30% above the accepted industry on-target benchmark!

To see more of their results, view the case study.

Benefit from Lotame Precision Demographic Audiences

Lotame’s exclusive Precision Demographic Audiences are created with our proprietary curation and verification process, so you can:

  • Buy with confidence: Gain access to validated & proprietary demographic audiences that exceed industry benchmarks
  • Maximize Global Scale: Access validated global audiences, available in over 20 countries
  • Target across all screens: Lotame Precision Demographic Segments are available across all screens- desktop, and mobile
  • Reduce Wasted Ad Spend: Increase your demographic audience buying efficiencies
    and ensure you are achieving your clients desired on-target goals
  • Exceed KPIs: Gain competitive advantage with precise, accurate data to reach your desired on-target delivery goals

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