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Meet Lotame at Martech World Forum 2024

Lotame is thrilled to announce our 2024 global sponsorship of The Martech Weekly’s (TMW) Martech World Forum series, including events in Melbourne, San Francisco and London. 

Last year, Lotame participated in the TMW 100 competition for its product innovation in customer data collection, analysis, and activation and was named to TMW’s list of most innovative companies in marketing technology. We look forward to bringing our innovation to life with brand marketers, agencies and forward-thinking martech leaders, June 5-7 at Sofitel in Melbourne. 

What to Expect in Melbourne? 

All the C’s! Caffeinate, Conversate, Collaborate. Join Lotame onsite as we’ll be “Brewing Bold Strategies for a Cookieless Tomorrow” during Lotame’s TMW 100 interactive workshop. 

Just as crafting the perfect cup of coffee requires quality beans, marketers need fresh strategies to navigate a cookieless future. Join us for Lotame’s interactive workshop cafe, where we’ll brew up a variety of bold advertising strategies that support the post-cookie era, including the three C’s for success: cookieless IDs, curation and collaboration. Whether it’s driving sales for new hair care products or re-engaging dormant coffee connoisseurs, workshop attendees will glean insights from their peers as they build effective audience strategies, without relying solely on Walled Gardens or cookies. 

Want to Fuel Up for Success On-site? Lotame has you covered:

  • Caffeinate with fellow attendees at Lotame’s coffee cart, The Future Brew.
  • Conversate during Lotame’s interactive workshop session and walk away with actionable cookieless strategies for success. 
  • Collaborate in Lotame’s lounge! Discuss your most pressing marketing challenges with the Lotame team, including: Nish Raju, Managing Director, APAC; Zuzana Urbanova, Head of Data Solutions, APAC; Chris Hogg, Chief Revenue Officer. Speaking of challenges, don’t miss the chance to espresso yourself with Lotame’s Coffee Bean Challenge! 

Bonus for Melbourne Event Attendees: Share a photo with us on LinkedIn for a chance to win a $100 Axil Coffee Gift Voucher. Tag @Lotame using #DataCollaboration 

Will you be there too?
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Martech World Forum San Francisco and London

Stay tuned for Lotame’s participation in Martech World Forum San Francisco, August 7-9 and London in November!

About The Martech Weekly (TMW):

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