Fuel Your Marketing Strategy

Learn more about your most valuable customers and make smarter advertising decisions with Lotame’s DMP for Marketers and Agencies.

Device fragmentation and always-on connectivity are creating rich new opportunities for marketers and agencies. And yet, as the digital marketing landscape evolves, so too do the rules of engagement. Lotame’s DMP for marketers and agencies gives you the tools you need to navigate this landscape and use data to improve performance for every digital advertising campaign you run.

Make More of Your Data Actionable

Lotame provides a data management platform to aggregate your audience data from any source. Whether you have offline data housed in a CRM system, transaction level data, email data or real-time campaign insights, Lotame’s DMP enables you to capture it, organize it, and make it instantly actionable for your data-driven marketing efforts.

Say goodbye to data silos and hello to a holistic view of your consumers, across screens and devices. With a deeper understanding of what your audience responds to and is interested in, you can increase engagement or find additional valuable customers.

Learn More About Your Most Valuable Customers

Lotame enables you to combine your first-party data with insights gleaned from our global data exchange about your most valuable customers and identify and target prospects who look and act exactly like them.

Lotame offers insights into your audience's behaviors across screens, as well as demographic information and actions. Learn what they love, so you can give them more of it.

Improve Campaign Performance

Lotame’s Cross-Device DMP includes an automated campaign optimization tool powered by advanced machine learning. You can use this tool to increase the scale of your campaigns and drive performance against specific brand or direct response KPIs.

By focusing your advertising campaign on only the consumers who are most likely to respond, you decrease ad wastage and increase ROI. That's a win-win for marketers and agencies.

Increase Relevance Across Screens

Lotame’s Cross-Device DMP technology allows you to seamlessly extend your audiences across screens, enabling more contextually relevant campaign execution. Target and retarget desktop users across mobile and mobile users across desktop, or use the technology to underpin sequential creative messaging across screens.

You can reach your audience on the right device, at the right time, for increased engagement and campaign performance.

Increase Engagement

Engagement is driven by relevance. With Lotame, you can export audience insights directly into your content management system, allowing you to deliver customized and more relevant content experiences to specific audience segments across your sites, apps and landing pages.

Everything you learn about your audience can be fed into your next campaign, so you are constantly getting smarter and gaining new insights into how to best message to your consumers. They'll love you for it.