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Lotame is now an Official Twitter Ads Partner

December 5, 2013

Lotame: taking Twitter’s tailored audiences to the next level.

The real power of tailored audiences is to intelligently segment audiences and engage them through highly relevant messages on Twitter. This is where Lotame — and our Data Management Platform (DMP) — can take Twitter advertising to the next level of accuracy and performance by creating segments based on actual behaviors.

Lotame’s DMP collects web and mobile behaviors, across all devices and platforms, defines higher-valued segments, and then activates them. All of your audience data, including first-party web and mobile behaviors, search terms, third-party data, CRM, and offline data can be used to define the exact audience you’re looking for. We use Big Data to find Smart Data.


Once these highly-valued new audience segments are created in Lotame’s DMP, they can be pushed through targeted Twitter ads to reach your audience on another platform. The result: accurate, efficient advertising that generates higher conversions at a lower cost.

  • Define and use your own audiences: the highly-valued segments you create using Lotame’s DMP can now be activated and targeted on Twitter
  • Show users highly relevant ads: based on what you know they’re interested in — when they’re interested
  • Increase conversions: with highly-targeted messages and audiences
  • Extend your reach: boost your effectiveness (and revenues) with audience extension on Twitter
  • Drive ROI: better targeting and higher performing campaigns


How Lotame Powers Tailored Audiences

1 Define the audience segments you wish to target using first and third-party data within the Lotame Data Management Platform.

2 Lotame provides anonymous cookie IDs in each audience segment and transfers the data to Twitter.

3 Twitter runs a match on the cookie IDs, to learn which Twitter users belong to each audience segment. Those segments are loaded into Twitter Ads, enabling you to select them at campaign set up.

4 You reach the users in each segment with Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts.


For anyone looking to target the same powerful audiences you currently send from your DMP onto social platforms, this Lotame-Twitter partnership is a wonderful solution. Contact us for more information on how to get started.