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Lotame’s Top 10 Trending Topics in 2020

‘Expect the unexpected’ seems to have been the theme of 2020 for the world and ad tech in particular. From Google Chrome’s announcement to sunset the third-party cookie to Apple’s latest mandate around the IDFA identifier to new and changing privacy regulations, getting accustomed to change was de rigueur. What can we anticipate for 2021? It’s anyone’s guess but we’d embrace increased transparency and privacy controls for consumers and more conversation around the promise of identity solutions as an equalizer for ecosystem players.

For now, here’s a look back at Lotame’s top trending pieces from 2020. Not surprisingly, data management, identity solutions, and privacy topped the list as they were top of mind for everyone.  

Google Chrome Sandbox: The Industry’s Reaction 

The announcement of Google Chrome sunsetting support for third-party cookies sent the industry into a frenzy in early 2020. How did the industry respond? What were the implications? Read our open letter discussing Google Chrome’s privacy update.  

Guide to Navigating the Cookieless World 

The original goal of third-party cookies was to create a storage mechanism, although their purpose has changed throughout the years due to frequent misuse. What’s next for advertising in a future without cookies?? This guide to traversing a cookie-challenged web will help you plan for that tomorrow, today.

Identity Solutions: The Long and Short  

When debating identity in our ecosystem, “to be or not to be” is not the right question. Identity is very much alive and vital. The right question is who are the haves and have nots? Learn why identity solutions hold enormous promise for publishers, marketers, and consumers

Collaborative & Connected Ecosystem: Marketers and Publishers Debate on Identity 

What do marketers really want? What do publishers need? We brought together marketers and publishers in this lively conversation about identity and the opportunities to build a brighter future for both parties. Watch the panel replay.

Digital Advertising’s Love Language: Introducing Panorama ID

Marketers, agencies, publishers, SSPs, DSPs, and data providers need a new language to understand consumers and collaborate successfully in a cookieless world. Learn about our new solution to repair our relationships and build responsible, relevant, and resilient connections: Lotame Panorama ID.  Watch the replay to hear about the first global cookieless identity solution for the open web.

The Future of Privacy: This Way Forward 

New and changing privacy regulations and industry upheaval are causing widespread concern throughout the digital advertising ecosystem. Leaders are leaning into change and reshaping their businesses to move forward with innovative solutions like AI and data minimization techniques. Hear from industry leaders on the future of privacy.

Privacy by Design as the Business Default 

It’s clear that dedication to following data regulation is strong, but in the age of hyperdata sensitivity, focusing purely on the necessities isn’t enough. The motivation for building privacy into every system, process, and practice shouldn’t just be about complying with the rules; it should also be driven by a desire to uphold the highest data management standards, provide quality service, and maintain trust. Understand why privacy by design needs to become the business default. 

Data Enrichment: First-Party Data Was Never Enough For Marketers

Before COVID-19, creating these complex personas for marketers was hard work. First-party data was a good start for building a baseline of a target audience’s habits, but it was never enough. Third-party data filled in the gaps to arrive at more robust scenarios but the world is changing faster and faster. Learn why data enrichment is necessary to get a comprehensive picture of your customers.

Case Study: Increasing Addressability with First-Party Data

Identity graphs can help increase freshness, relevancy, and addressability in a cookieless environment. Hear from agency Empower on how they leveraged Lotame Cartographer, our identity graph that powers Lotame Panorama ID, to help increase first-party audience addressability. Watch the case study replay. 

Methods of Data Collection

And we can’t forget everyone who wanted to get back to the basics this year! Data is one of the most valuable resources today’s businesses have. The more information you have about your customers, the better you can understand their interests, wants, and needs. Learn all about data collection, how to get started, and how to use your customer intel. 

We look forward to continuing the conversations in 2021. Happy New Year! 

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