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Advertisers Eager for More Industries to Capitalize on Media Network Opportunities, Says Lotame Survey

Poll of 200 digital marketers sees massive opportunity for tech, sports, entertainment, and finance companies to launch media networks

New York, NY (May 10, 2023) – Lotame, the global technology company that makes customer data smarter, faster, and easier to use, released results of a survey involving 200 digital marketers, focusing on missed opportunities in the media network category. The survey asked marketers which types of companies, aside from retailers and ecommerce platforms, should consider launching their own media networks.

“Media networks are experiencing a surge in popularity – and with good reason,” said Fred Marthoz, Vice President, Revenue & Global Partnerships at Lotame. “These networks enable companies to become publishers, leveraging their audiences and first-party data to compete more effectively in the market, enhance consumer engagement and generate new revenue with higher margins through advertising. Advertisers are attracted to retail media networks because of their wealth of first-party data and ability to reach consumers at the crucial moment of purchase.”

Key findings from Lotame’s research include:

  • Over two-thirds (67%) of respondents believe more tech companies should launch their own media networks. 
  • 66% also said sports and entertainment companies, as well as hospitality and travel companies, should launch their own media networks. 
  • 59% of respondents indicated that financial services companies should consider launching their own media networks.

“Although media networks are marching ahead to drive sales and provide a seamless experience for consumers, they’re still new to the advertising business with lots of room to grow,” continued Marthoz. “Retail media networks provide an excellent working use case with an opportunity to observe the existing challenges – like lack of consistency or standardization across networks which present measurement and performance challenges for marketers – and build better solutions prior to launching networks for new verticals.”

Lotame’s next-generation data solutions position the company as a valuable adtech partner in the emerging media network space:

  • Data management: Collect first-party data, create desirable audiences, and deliver targeted segments to buyers via the Spherical platform 
  • Audience expansion: Link a network’s first-party data to third-party sites for revenue generation via targeting beyond its own walls
  • Audience enrichment: Layer on second-and third-party data to enrich their audience intelligence, create personas, run lookalike models from first-party seed data, and provide deep insights to buyers about consumers
  • Cookieless addressability: Ensure audiences availability and performance without reliance on third-party cookies via Lotame Panorama ID™ deterministic and predictive identifier

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