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Lotame and FullContact Offer Marketers Better, Faster Data Onboarding

Denver, CO — FullContact (www.fullcontact.com), the industry leader in consumer identity resolution as a service, today announced a new partnership with Lotame (www.lotame.com), the leading global provider of flexible data solutions to future proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens. The partnership offers marketers and advertisers improved data connectivity across the open web — without relying on third-party cookies or compromising first-party customer data. 

The highlight of the partnership is the new, more effective data onboarding solution these partners are bringing to market. 

When onboarding clients’ first-party data to Lotame, FullContact’s Resolve identity resolution product offers a significantly higher match rate to Lotame’s Panorama ID™, as well as faster turnaround through FullContact’s custom integration. This allows Lotame clients to more quickly leverage their first-party data for monetization, audience expansion, targeting, measurement, and more.

“Marketers have been frustrated with the onboarding solutions available to them,” explains Christopher Harrison, FullContact CEO. “Existing solutions are too expensive, slow, too reliant on third-party cookies, and match rates are subpar. This partnership presents a new option that lets brands onboard, enrich, and activate their data better and faster than before — while respecting an individual’s privacy.” 

FullContact’s privacy-first, person-based identity graph allows marketers to onboard their offline data without exposing personally identifiable information (PII) to the digital media ecosystem. The partnership means the FullContact identity graph will be integrated with the Lotame Panorama ID, allowing for increased scale and activation, without sacrificing consumer privacy.

“We’ve been working to ensure our data ingestion and collection capabilities are future-proofed for the cookieless web, ongoing changes to privacy regulations, and more,” says Pierre Diennet, Global Partnerships Lead at Lotame. “We were specifically looking for a privacy-first partner with good SLAs to commit to building a framework for bringing offline data into an addressable ID space. We found that partner in FullContact.”

Lotame also brings benefits to the FullContact solution, most notably the ability to engage addressable audiences across a growing number of activation partners, like MediaMath, AdForm, and PubMatic, as well as traditional activation channels like demand-side platforms (DSPs) and ad servers (such as Google Ad Manager). This connectivity offers the industry an end-to-end advertising solution, with unprecedented access to channels like CTV, display, and mobile. 

Lotame’s Panorama ID not only enables FullContact customers to reach previously unaddressable consumers, but also allows enriched customer data to be activated across all environments. The result is a much richer view of those consumers, allowing marketers to provide more personalized experiences and build better customer relationships wherever their consumers are.