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Lotame’s Panorama ID Increases Viewable Impressions Across Devices by 76% for The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota

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Bogota, Colombia – (November 29, 2022) – Lotame (www.lotame.com), the only flexible data solutions provider to future-proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens, today announced findings from a campaign by The Chamber of Commerce of Bogota (CCB) that proved cookieless targeting via Lotame Panorama ID not only worked, but it delivered better metrics across the board than cookies.

CCB, together with its digital media agency Havas and the strategic support of Clictag Digital, sought future-ready solutions to preserve and extend its data-driven marketing across all browsers for its “Soy empresario” video campaign. With the help of long-standing DMP and data partner Lotame to test high-quality audiences in the first universal ID campaign in Colombia, cookieless targeting via Panorama ID was successful, even delivering metrics across the board that overperformed cookies.

“We’re honored to have participated in yet another successful campaign – the first cookieless universal ID campaign in Colombia – and are proud of our successful cookieless targeting,” said Sebastian Yoffe, Managing Director, Latin America and US Hispanics, at Lotame. “Providing dependable data connectivity and addressability is key for marketers, (especially since the cookieless future is already here) and our Panorama ID is making significant headway on the industry’s collective mission to provide an identity solution that improves the ecosystem for all.”  

Havas targeted several Lotame Data Exchange segments in its B2B strategy, including small and medium entrepreneurs, banks, insurance, entrepreneurship, and family business. Both cookie segments and cookieless segments (using Lotame Panorama ID) were targeted in Google’s DV360. 

Cookieless targeting produced more impressions and reached more unique people, resulting in less saturation and frequency. Impressed with the results, CCB and its agencies have incorporated Lotame’s identity solution and high-quality data into the media mix, running additional video and display campaigns. 

Leveraging the enrichment capabilities for Lotame Panorama ID, the campaign delivered  better metrics and outperformed cookies: 

  • 21% increase in CTR across devices (CTV, desktop, smartphone, tablet)
  • More viewable impressions across devices (76%) 
  • More completed views across devices 
  • Higher Video Completion Rate (VCR)

“At the Bogota Chamber of Commerce, we are constantly looking for innovative tools that businesspeople can apply on different fronts, and advertising is no exception,” said Andrés Téllez Luque, Digital Marketing Director of The Bogota Chamber of Commerce. “For this reason, we ventured with this technology that allowed us, in a first effort, to reach more audiences compared to traditional techniques. With these actions we seek to impact companies and open new paths in the effort to make their businesses visible for Bogota and the region.”

Recently, Lotame worked with Banana Boat for their first cookieless video campaign and found that Panorama ID yielded 83% higher viewability across Safari and Firefox (versus 61% with cookies present). The case study recently received “High Commendation” for Best Use of Data from ExchangeWire’s The Wire awards. 

Launched in late 2020, Lotame Panorama ID is the first global, people-based, privacy-forward and interoperable identity solution for the cookieless open web. As the delivery mechanism for an extraordinary depth of rich, pseudonymized data, the average Panorama ID carries on average 200+ behavioral attributes. With multiple integrations and data partners supporting the Panorama ID, the unique identifier has seen tremendous growth in adoption among industry leaders during the past 12 months, including integrations with Google Secure Signals (fka Google ESP) and Amazon Connections Marketplace.

For more information about Lotame please visit: www.lotame.com.