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Lotame Launches Cartographer, New ID Solution to Power People-Based Marketing and Privacy Compliance for Global Brands and Publishers

The powerful new ID solution is a ‘graph of graphs’ grounded in partnership and privacy, creating a panoramic view of consumers regardless of browser

New York, NY – (October 24, 2019) – Lotame (www.lotame.com), the world’s leading unstacked data solutions company that helps publishers, marketers and agencies find new customers, increase engagement, and grow revenue through audience data, today announced the launch of Lotame Cartographer, a new people-based ID solution at the Lotame Ignite Americas Conference in New York City. The powerful ID graph delivers complete, consistent, and privacy compliant data connections to power people-based marketing for global brands and publishers. 

“Global brands and publishers are facing the toughest climate in the last decade,” said Andy Monfried, Founder and CEO, Lotame. “Consumers are everywhere, on different channels and devices. Meanwhile, browsers have taken it upon themselves to enforce who can and can’t be tracked, which makes life harder for bad actors, which is great, but not so great for quality publishers and brands. We developed Cartographer, in an open and connected way, to tackle these challenges head on and future-proof a solution that can grow with publishers and brands.”

Cartographer clusters IDs, browsers and devices at the people-level, giving global brands and publishers access to every visitor to their site, regardless of browser, as well as through mobile app, TV and offline. It creates a master graph of graphs, mapping connections between, among and within people, the places they visit and their interests, with the thread of consumer consent. Cartographer plots, clusters and shares diverse data connections across 90+ platform partners to find more of a brand or publisher’s audience than anyone could find alone, creating increased or “true” scale. In doing so, the universe of people it can see and cluster reaches 1.4 billion unique consumers across 4 billion active IDs globally.

Lotame Cartographer makes these secure and trusted connections at three key levels: 

  • ID-level – Cartographer enables IDs to connect to one another easily no matter the platform. The solution provides ID-level syncs across 90+ adtech and martech platforms using direct, deterministic mapping of web-based and device identifiers​ ​from one ID to another. These trusted connections are achieved through Lotame’s own robust data and technology and via partners.  
  • Individual-level – Using deterministic and probabilistic techniques, Cartographer clusters IDs into individual-level connections across and between desktops, smartphones, tablets, and CTV/OTT. Consent signals can be stitched together down to the individual level for a complete and compliant thread of data connections. For example, if an individual chooses to opt-out on a publisher or brand website in combination with a particular 1st or 3rd party cookie ID, Cartographer may be used to propagate such consent signals to other 1st or 3rd party cookies that are graphed to the same individual.
  • Household-level – Several members of a household often impact purchase decisions. Cartographer connects IDs at the household level for brands and publishers, using TV to target multiple members of a residence. Then, through deterministic and probabilistic techniques, the graph clusters those IDs at the household level across and between devices.  

With Lotame Cartographer, brands and publishers can plan, activate and analyze their media and content initiatives in a people-based, privacy compliant way.

“Managing consent across every instance of a user creates enormous technology and UX hurdles,” said Grant Whitmore, Chief Digital Operations Officer, Tribune Publishing.  “As an industry we have to figure this out in a manner that generates trust in our readers. We are excited about Lotame Cartographer’s privacy compliant ID solution and feel that it provides us with an important piece of the puzzle as Tribune delivers on its promise to conscientiously manage our users privacy while reducing friction no matter how they choose to interact with us. We feel strongly that providing consumers the peace of mind that their consent choices are made once and everywhere — across all devices and IDs — is not only good business, but a critical component of how consumers will want consent management to work.” 

“Brands and publishers alike have been asking how they can intelligently map, translate, and share ID data in a way that also addresses privacy concerns,” said Adam Solomon, CMO, Lotame. “Lotame Cartographer — a partner-driven, privacy compliant and people-based solution — is the answer to that. With open collaboration, this product helps brands and publishers declare their data independence, not reliant on any one technology or platform. That’s game-changing. And this is just the first step. We are continuing to heavily invest in connectivity and collaboration with plans to create private deterministic ID graphs in Cartographer in the near future.” 

To learn more about Lotame Cartographer, please visit www.lotame.com/cartographer