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Lotame Client Success: Your New Secret Weapon

You’ve built a great team to help your organization achieve its strategic goals and execute on your data strategy, but there’s always more to do. At Lotame, we understand the importance of a great team, and that’s why we’ve built a great Client Success team to give you all the support you need.

Our Client Success team serves our marketer, agency and publisher clients across five continents. We interact with customers every day, working to address specific needs you may have, whether it be onboarding, training or technical assistance. We operate as an extension to your in-house team, giving you all the manpower necessary to take advantage of your data and maximize your DMP investment.

We define success by the return on investment you get from using our technology. With this in mind, our team operates under five guiding principles:

  • Set Proper Expectations: helping you understand the value you will get from a DMP.
  • Be Proactive, Not Reactive: giving you the tools to make data management more seamless—before you even think to ask for them.
  • Provide Value-Add Support: creating resources, education and training materials to ensure you have 24/7 access to relevant information.
  • Make Clients Successful: ensuring you effectively execute against your DMP strategy and achieve your ROI goals.
  • Exceed Expectations: providing extensive support that addresses your specific needs and goes above and beyond your expectations.

Technical and strategic support throughout our partnership

Our technical and strategic account managers provide hands-on support from the moment you become a Lotame client. Technical account managers help with all your technology needs, from kick off through implementation and beyond. They create and maintain project plans, keep you updated on your account and provide all the initial training you need to start leveraging the platform.

Our strategic account managers help you reap the benefit from our DMP once your custom instance is set up. They provide ongoing day-to-day support, help you respond to custom RFPs, and perform detailed training sessions when we launch new tools and features.

The MyLotame Knowledge Base: 24/7 access to the answers you need

We’ve also created the MyLotame Knowledge Base to give you around-the-clock support. You can access the Knowledge Base 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ask questions, share best practices, submit support tickets and track their progress, access previous webinars and slides from our Client Summits, find video content and white papers, review FAQs and more.

We’re committed to providing resources to help you better leverage your data and get the best return on your DMP investment. To learn more about how our Global Client Success team can help you, contact us today.