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Lotame: Where Data, Innovation and Agility Connect

The all-star Lotame marketing team recently unveiled our new company tagline at a quiet little industry event (50,000+ attendees) called DMEXCO. The goal was to update Lotame’s long-standing tagline, “Collect Anywhere. Use Everywhere,” to be more deliberate and more inclusive of our businesses outside of our data management platform, such as the Lotame Data Exchange.

The team sat through multiple brainstorm sessions where we asked ourselves a multitude of questions. Who is Lotame and what do we stand for? How do we differ from our competition? What are the key values we provide to our marketer, agency and publisher clients? We know we’re an awesome company with an amazing platform, turnkey solutions, super smart employees, and incredible global scale, but how do we communicate that with the world?

Enter our new tagline: “Where Data, Innovation and Agility Connect.”

What does it mean and where did it come from? We decided to focus on our key differentiators, which happen to also be our pillars of success: data, innovation, and agility.


Data is integral to Lotame’s two core business lines – the Lotame DMP and the Lotame Data Exchange. From first-, second-, and third-party data, Lotame helps our clients unlock their data potential.

  • 1st-Party Data  With Lotame’s DMP, publishers, marketers, and agencies are able to collect rich consumer data from any source, including digital web, mobile app, mobile web, connected television and set top box – even offline data like CRM and in-store purchases – and organize that data to create a complete and unified profile of their target consumers. With these rich datasets, they are empowered to find and engage with the right consumer, in the right place, at the right moment. Beyond simply harnessing first-party data for our clients, we also partner with over 40 branded data providers, in addition to our own Lotame Data Exchange, to give clients the ability to extend reach and targeting beyond their own user base.
  • 2nd-Party Data  With Lotame Syndicate, we power the seamless, safe, and transparent exchange of data between buyer and seller. Lotame Syndicate connects marketers with premium publishers participating in Lotame’s private marketplace to provide unfettered access to exclusive datasets that can be used to improve campaign performance and expand the scale and scope of campaigns.
  • 3rd-Party Data The Lotame Data Exchange (LDX) provides instant access to billions of global users reachable across traditional web and mobile devices. Granular data is captured against these users and packaged into thousands of highly curated, targetable audience segments, giving every marketer, agency, publisher and platform the ability to harness the power of Lotame’s third-party data. These segments are directly integrated with Lotame’s DMP, but are also available to non-DMP customers through DSPs, trading desks and other platforms where LDX data is available for purchase.

In addition to the LDX, and recently added to Lotame’s product suite, is Lotame Data Stream. Lotame Data Stream is a big data firehose, supplying billions of consumer profiles, each with thousands of behavioral attributes, to support enterprise-level applications and solutions like content and product recommendation engines, personalized digital experiences, fraud prevention and risk mitigation efforts, attribution modeling, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools, and deeper, more valuable insights and understandings of our clients’ target consumers around the world.


Lotame’s genius product and engineering teams love to innovate. We’ve even built a Market Solutions team to guide product innovation and determine the strategy behind developing new solutions. If we hear demand for a solution often enough, we’ll do our due diligence to determine if it makes sense for our product team to build it. If we see a hole in the industry we think we can help fill, we’ll start researching and crowdsourcing our clients. If we see a trend in the marketplace we predict will be the “next big thing” in marketing technology, we’ll evaluate creating a solution to support that trend. Our company history is built on innovation and we’re well aware that the AdTech/MarTech landscape is constantly evolving. Because of that, we will never stop listening to our clients, keeping our ears to the ground and iterating and innovating.


Because Lotame is independently owned, we have the flexibility to pivot our product roadmap as we see fit. In 2006, Lotame began in media services, boasting just one revenue stream. Now, ten years later, we’re proud of our expansive product suite of 10+ solutions. We recognized early on that we had to be nimble and react quickly to client needs and industry advances. We’re not scared of evolution. In fact, we embrace it.

Not only is our product roadmap agile, but our platform and our people are as well. We are a people-driven organization. I am constantly impressed by the dedication, smarts, and teamwork that I see from the Lota-family every single day. Our Technical Account Managers, Client Success Managers and Strategic Engagement leads work tirelessly with our clients to ensure they’re getting the most out of their DMP investment.

It’s hard to summarize a company in only one sentence, a few words even. Lotame is so proud of where we are in the industry today, and that is why the marketing team took such a delicate approach when figuring out the perfect tagline. After this brief overview, it’s easy to see how, after many brainstorms, “Where Data, Innovation, and Agility Connect” was born. We feel it accurately captures the spirit and drive behind our organization and the people within it, and we hope you do too!


By Megan McKenna, VP Marketing