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What is Lotame Cross Device?

October 4, 2016

Too much digital advertising today is executed in silos. Audiences are built across smartphones, tablets and desktops, and campaigns are served across these devices with no clear  understanding of audience overlap, and no way to effectively deliver sequential messaging. It’s one of the biggest challenges facing digital advertising today, and it is a challenge that is tackled head on by Lotame’s Cross-Device technology.

Lotame’s Cross-Device solution determines relationships that exist between billions of PII-free signals flowing from desktops, smartphones and tablets. Through this patent-pending device graph technology, different devices can be mapped together, creating significant opportunities for advertisers and publishers. Lotame’s Cross-Device technology isn’t a bolt-on product – it’s a foundational enhancement to our core DMP, and one that will transform your data management strategy.

Lotame Cross Device

Adding Value to Your Digital Strategy

For Publishers, Lotame Cross-Device allows you to:

  • Generate higher CPMs for your app inventory by leveraging rich cross-device audience data
  • Increase the overall volume of targetable inventory you have available to sell
  • Improve performance for your advertisers by delivering sequential messaging across devices and by targeting desktop users across mobile / mobile users across desktop
  • Drive engagement through data-driven content personalization across screens

For marketers and agencies, Lotame Cross-Device enables you to:

  • Improve campaign performance by delivering sequential creative messages across screens
  • Make your data investments work harder by extending desktop segments across mobile, and vice versa
  • Improve engagement through dynamic creative optimization across screens
  • Reduce wastage by frequency capping ad delivery across screens

Making the Match

Lotame’s Cross-Device technology uses probabilistic and deterministic matching to create true, cross-screen audience segments. Probabilistic matching analyzes billions of PII-free signals flowing from desktop and mobile devices to determine whether any relationships exist. Deterministic matching is used when information is available that directly connects different devices together, such as login data from a publisher’s site and app. Consistent with Lotame’s DMP, no PII is stored or made available through this technology.