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Introducing Lotame Precision Interest Audiences

Better data means better decisions, and in turn, better outcomes. Determining data quality has always been a tough nut to crack for buyers though, as providers aim to protect their “special sauce” and remain competitive. But as consumer habits change rapidly and privacy regulations abound, data buyers need options on how and where they spend their dollars. 

Introducing Lotame Precision Interest Audiences, the newest member of our premium segment family. Precision Interest Audiences are sourced from declared datasets and tuned for accuracy using machine learning and predictive modeling. Built from Cint panel surveys, our premium targeting segments are aligned with IAB Audience Taxonomy 1.1 and data quality standards. 

There’s no better time than now to invest in quality data. In fact, according to our recent research, marketers #1 concern about their own first-party data is whether their data profile is accurate after COVID-19. A majority of publishers (94%), too, rely on high-quality data enrichment — and more than a quarter need help finding quality data partners.

Enrich your targeting while reducing wasted ad spend with Lotame Precision Interest Audiences. Choose from 200 segments with more than 100 niche audiences in 8 key categories, like Automotive, Shopping, Movies, and more. Precision Interest Audiences are available to buy today in the Lotame platform and major DSPs.

Learn more about Lotame Precision Interest Audiences here.

Lotame Precision Interest Audiences